Top Sprit Airlines Flight Deals

Spirit Airlines is a no-frills service that tends to offer the lowest total price to all the places and destinations, on an average much lower than those of other airlines. They help people to save money and travel more regularly, create new job opportunities as well as stimulate business growth in the communities that they serve. Here are some deals

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Spirit Airlines Tickets And Airfare

Spirit Airlines is an American carrier which is focussed on providing its travellers with the ultra-low-cost experience. This essentially translates into a barebones experience in the air, which is good for those who don’t bother with all the added amenities that they don’t need. These airlines were launched with low-cost and no-frills travel in mind.

Spirit Airlines
are headquartered in Miramar, Florida, and in the USA are the 7th largest commercial airlines. They operate a fleet of 119 in-service Airbus aircraft, and have 52 more in the pipeline. You can book Spirit Airlines flight tickets to travel throughout the United States, Mexico, Latin America, the Caribbean and South America.

When it comes to flying, everyone wants to make sure that you get a safe flight and at the same time, a great deal. Booking Spirit Airline Tickets is going to give you the best of both the requirements. You can get a magnificent deal by making a Spirit Airlines Reservation and be relaxed as Spirit Airlines Flights are one of the safest airlines that you are going to travel with.

Spirit Airlines Flight Deals further work to bring down the cost of flying for economy travellers. While some don’t like the no-frills idea, some love it for the savings it makes them.Spirit Airlines Dealsare a favourite among most of itsbudget travellers. Tickets arereasonable at all times and it makes it easy to reserve your ticket package as well. Whatever you need,a cheap flight or a classy one, Spirit flights will provide you with it.

Spirit Airlines In-Flight Amenities

Spirit Airlines boasts about it being very affordable and having low-cost tickets. But at the same time, they are very honest and open about how their flight tickets are so cheap. The reason being that they do not provide in-flight Wi-Fi, video streaming or any other sort of onboard entertainment. Apart from this, Spirit provides you with a menu that has a variable pricing from which you can make a drink or snack selection as they have their refreshment service limited to paid beverages and snacks.

Travel Classes

Spirit Airlines do not have different travel classes. For maintaining their low-fare motto, they do not offer any premium economy, business class, or first class fares. However, you can always pay for a little extra leg room.

Seat Specifics for Spirit Airlines flights vary depending upon style of the plane. Below are the general dimensions of the seat types in the airlines:

  • tandard economy seats – 28″ pitch, 17.75″ width
  • Big Front Seats – 36″ pitch, 20″ width

Spirit Airlines Flight Status, Online Check-In & Baggage Info

Since Spirit Airlines provides you with a stripped-down fare, there are a number of added factors that can be tagged on for an extra fee.

On pre-purchasing your ticket, it is important to note desired baggage allowance that you have to pay during your initial booking if you exceed their size or weight limitations. These are as follows:

  • Personal Item: 18″ x 14″ x 8″
  • Standard Carry-On: 22″ x 18″ x10″
  • Checked Bag: max linear dimensions of 62″, max weight of 40lbs

For more accurate baggage fee allowance calculations, you can use the Spirit Airline online baggage calculator tool.

Spirit Airlines charges you per reservation centre phone booking, may it be a standard booking or a Free Spirit award ticket. For avoiding this you can also book your tickets online. Unless you are paying an extra fee with web-check-in or at the counter, Spirit Airlines will assign you a seat randomly at check-in point. They also cannot guarantee you that you are going to get to sit with your family or friends due to this free assignment.

All seats have different prices assigned to them, depending upon the specific route as well as the exact location of your seats on the aircraft.

Additionally, passengers can purchase a Big Front Seat that provides you with 6″ of extra legroom. As the number of these seats are limited (usually 4-10 per plane), one can expect the cost to fall as per the onboard upgrade. This price is usually based on the availability and flight length.

One can check for the arrival or departure status of your respective Spirit Airline Flight online from your home and avoid going to the airport for the same.


    • IATA Code: NK
    • ICAO Code: NKS


  • Call Sign: SPIRIT
  • Head Quarter: Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International (FLL)

Spirit Airlines Hub

Spirit Airlines has about 10 airline hubs listed under its name. Following are the Airline Hubs from where Spirit Airlines operates its domestic and international flights in a descending order:

  • Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport has the highest number of Spirit Flights ranging up to 41
  • O’Hare International Airport has about 9 flights
  • Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport has 8 flights
  • McCarran International Airport has 7 flights
  • Atlantic City International Airport has about 6 flights
  • Orlando International Airport has about 5 flights
  • LaGuardia Airport has about 4 flights
  • Myrtle Beach SC has about 4 flights
  • Logan International Airport has 3 flights
  • Dallas Fort Worth International Airport has 3 flights