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Travelling has never been so easy, and with Air New Zealand flight deals, it has become even more so. Attractive discounts, deal packages and great upgrades are just the tip of the iceberg – there are many more Air New Zealand deals up for grabs! If you are planning to travel, consider the following amazing prices before you book your tickets.

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Air Zealand Airlines Tickets And Airfare

Air New Zealand is the flag carrier of New Zealand, and caters to 31 international and 20 domestic destinations around the Pacific Rim and the UK. With Air New Zealand flights in about 19 countries as of now, there is no place this carrier can’t take you. Its headquarters are in Auckland, about 20km away from the airport, in a building called The Hub.

Air New Zealand has long-distance flights to eastern Asia, United Kingdom and America. This airline also majorly covers Australasia and South Pacific. If there is a place among these regions you wish to fly to, there is no choice better than an Air New Zealand reservation.

Air New Zealand currently operates a fleet of 56 in-service aircraft consisting of Airbus and Boeing; 15 new aircraft are in the pipeline, soon to be acquired. Counted along with its subsidiaries, Air New Zealand operates a total of 105 aircraft. It also has codeshare agreement with many other carriers.

Air New Zealand was the proud holder of Airline of the Year award in 2010 and 2012, by Air Transport World global airline awards. It is also a member of Star Alliance, one of the biggest airline alliances in the world.

Air New Zealand Airlines In-Flight Amenities

All Air New Zealand tickets come with amazing in-the-air hospitality and convenience attached to them. Flying with entertainment and comfort at your fingertips has been redefined with this airline. Here is a glimpse of what you can expect on-board Air New Zealand.

  • Entertainment: The seatback screens installed in all classes of Air New Zealand flights offer latest movies, TV shows, radio shows, music, audio books and games for pure entertainment to while away time on flight. There is a special kids section in the entertainment library that consists of child-friendly board-approved content suitable for the young minds. In addition to using your screens for entertainment, you can order food and drink through this interface as well. If you wish to find out where you are in the air, you can access the world map on this screen, and see yourself as a blip on the map.
  • Food and drink: Air New Zealand offers drinks and snacks on its flights except the domestic ones. You get a choice between vegetarian, non-vegetarian, gluten-intolerant and child meals. What the passengers are offered depends on the class and distance of their travel.
  • Connectivity: Recently Air New Zealand has launched its on-board Wi-Fi service which keeps the travellers connected with the world when in the air. The flights also have a chat system which lets you communicated with your family through the seatback screen when you are seated in a scattered manner.

Travel Classes

Air New Zealand Flight tickets can be availed in any of the many travel classes they offer on-board, based on your choice – whether you are flying long-distance, light, with heavy baggage or premium. Here are some travel classes that Air New Zealand offers to its flying passengers, all laden with comfort and great service.

  • Long-haul International: Air New Zealand has this special flying class for its long-distance travellers. The seats in this class consist of a private LCD screen, with audio and video on demand service (AVOD). Tickets to this cabin are available only on international flights, with a few exceptions.
  • Business Premier: This travel class aboard Air New Zealand is the highest travel class available. There are separate cabins for each passenger with a recliner seat that converts into a flatbed at the push of a button. There is an ottoman footrest with each seat which acts as visitor seat. The flatbeds with this airline are the longest so far in the air, with 6 feet 6 inches.
  • Premium Economy: This is the upgraded economy class which was added when the airline decided to remove first class from its roster. They come with mood lighting, wine and dine selections and in-seat power slots. In some flights the amenities are almost identical to Business Premier cabins.
  • Economy: Economy class seats spell comfort aboard Air New Zealand aircraft. With a pitch of 31-34 inches and recline of 6 inches, travelling on a budget will not strain your back. The seatback screens are 9 inches, and come with their own AVOD system.
  • Economy SkyCouch: Designed with travelling families and couples in mind, this seating is one-of-a-kind. The middle seat can be converted into a flatbed by retracting the armrests into the seatback and pulling out the leg rest up. This entire contraption can be used as a bed.

Air New Zealand Airlines Flight Status, Online Check-In & Baggage Info

Business Premier and Premium Economy travellers get priority check-ins. More facilities like lounges and added hospitality is available to Business Premier travellers. SMS communication is adopted to notify the travellers of any change in the flight schedule. If the user has registered an email with the website, they will be notified via email too. Baggage allowances are separate for each class.



Air New Zealand Airlines Hub

Following are the places from where there is maximum number of flights of Air New Zealand.

  • Auckland Airport to Christchurch Airport with 1,088 flights every month
  • Christchurch Airport to Auckland Airport with 1,012 flights every month
  • Auckland Airport toWellington International Airport with 911 flights every month
  • Wellington International Airport to Auckland Airport with 785 flights every month
  • Nelson Airport to Auckland Airport with 588 flights every month

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