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The world is shrinking ever so fast, and now even the airfares are taking a dip to fortify this notion. There are so many British Airlines deals available that travelling by air is that much easier. More people willing to take flights has pushed the airline industry to further expand their services and infrastructure at an all-time low fare, resulting in amazing British Airlines flight deals. Check them out.

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British Airlines Tickets And Airfare

The British Airlines is the flagship brand from the United Kingdom, as it has the largest fleet of aircrafts. The British Airline flights serve 183 destinations and has more than 15 codeshare agreements with other airline companies. This airline is a member and one of the founders of the OneWorld airline alliance.

Currently the fleet consists of 271 aircrafts which includes planes of both Boeing and Airbus. They have their headquarters at Waterside Harmondsworth United Kingdom.

British Airlines In-Flight Amenities

The British Airlines take pride in serving their customers very well. Customers are taken exceptional care of from the moment they step on the plane to the moment they leave. This care and warmth is not limited to any specific class but is spread across the aircraft. Some of the facilities and amenities available when you buy British Airline tickets are mentioned below.

Usually pillows and blankets are available for the passengers aboard on long hauls. Complementary drinks and meals are also available depending upon the deals and the seat booked. There are specific entertainment areas for the business class passengers and the first class travelers along with dining and drinking facilities. Magazines and seatback entertainment is available throughout the classes

Travel Classes

Travel classes are based on distances, usually divided into short haul and long haul. For a British Airlines reservation on short haul distances there are following classes.

  • Economy Class: The seats available for the economy class are usually for the short or medium distance flights. You can book British Airlines flight tickets for travelling inside Europe or domestic. The standard seat pitch varies from 29 inches to 34 depending upon the aircraft and its position on the plane. A range of food and drinks are available from Marks and Spencer for purchase.
    The medium distance flights even offer personal entertainment screens for customers as they have to be onboard for longer distances.
  • Business class: Short distance business class seats are known by the name club Europe. The reservation for such seat comes along with entry to business lounges on most airports. Even the seats are more spacious and instead of seating three passengers side by side, the middle seat is used to house a table for the two seats on each side. Pillows and blankets are available for longer flights and in-flight entertainment is available in the form of bigger screens and headphones.
  • Long haul flights: On long haul flights you can book yourself British Airline flights in four classes, namely first class, business class, premium economy and economy.
    1 .The first-class seats of course offer maximum luxury with cabins fitted with large 6 feet 6 inch beds and wide screens for entertainment.2 .The business class seats offer class leading space and flat beds along with inflight entertainment.3 .The premium economy seat provides a wide seat with extra leg room. It also offers larger screens compared to economy class along with foot rests and power sockets. The economy class seats also offer seatback entertainment screens along with pillows and blankets for the journey.

British Airlines Flight Status, Online Check-In & Baggage Info

Flight status on British Airlines are easy to keep an eye on as they can be very handily tracked by any smartphone with an internet connection. Baggage capacity and in hand baggage information is also easily accessible on their website. One can easily find as to how much they can carry depending upon their ticket class.



British Airlines Hub

The British Airlines operates from two hubs, namely Heathrow and Gatwick.

  • The Heathrow airport is in London and is the second busiest airport in the world measuring international passenger traffic as the busiest in Europe. In 2017 it served 78047278 passengers.
  • The second hub for the British Airlines is the Gatwick airport, also known as the London Gatwick. It is the eighth busiest airport in Europe; until 2007 it was the busiest single use runway airport in the world. In 2017 it served 45561700 passengers

The British Airlines flights offer services and amenities that are second to none and pride themselves in taking exceptional care of their customers. They truly understand the value for money proposition from the passenger’s point of view and try to satisfy even the most demanding passengers of all. So the next time you have travelling plans, do give a chance to this airline and kickstart your journey with a flight you are worthy of.

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