Top Delta Airlines Flight Deals

Travelling is always in the air, no matter which season or month it is. Recently, with drop in airfares and Delta Airlines flight dealson offer, people are starting to travel more and more. The planet has enough destinations to visit all year long, which is why Delta Airlines are offering tickets at great prices. Here are some of the most amazing Delta Airlines deals of the season.

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Delta Atlantic Airlines Tickets And Airfare

Full name Delta Airlines Inc., these airlines are one of the major airlines of America. They take pride in flying their passengers over a detailed network spanning six continents of the planet, with destinations spread out in Africa, Caribbean, Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Oceania. Delta Airlines flights travel to 319 destinations in 54 countries, and operate about 5,400 flights daily. Delta boasts eight international and four domestic hubs. Their headquarters are in Atlanta.

A Delta Airlines reservation gives you access to travel via its extensive fleet of 861 in-service planes, including all the premier aircraft from Boeing and Airbus. This number has made Delta Airlines one of the largest fleets in the world.

Delta is also the last remaining legacy carrier of America. Legacy carriers were those that had commissioned interstate routes before they were liberalized, and thus were affected by the 1978 Deregulation Act.It is also the oldest airline that is still operating in America. One of the four founders of the SkyTeam airlines alliance, Delta has joint ventures with many other airlines.

Delta Airlines takes pride in being the only USA airline that serves all six inhabited continents of the world, in addition to being the only airline of USA that has scheduled flights to Africa.

Delta Airlines In-Flight Amenities

Delta Airlines are known to provide flyers with ultimate comfort and great satisfaction on-board. Right from boarding to deplaning, Delta has a knack for delivering great service, no matter what the travel class is. Here are the amenities that Delta provides to its passengers

  • Entertainment: all Delta flights feature Delta Studio, an inflight entertainment system that can be accessed either on seatback screens or on personal devices. This system offers flyers with an expansive choice in movies (including the latest releases and popular choices), TV shows (full seasons and original productions from entertainment houses) and music (including interviews of celebrities).
  • Food and drinks: Delta serves regional and seasonal food inflight, with a menu that is crafted with great attention to whole, balanced meals and finger-licking tastes. You can select from a collection of many main course dishes which are served with your choice of selected wines.
  • Connectivity: Delta is one of those few airlines that allow flyers to use WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook Messenger inflight – there are no data charges. This is made possible with the on-board Delta Wi-Fi that many of their flights feature.

Travel Classes

Delta Airlines tickets cater to all classes of travelers – whether they be extravagant spenders or economy travelers. Here is a listed of ticket classes that you will get to select from while booking your Delta Airlines flight tickets.

  • Delta One: This travel class is available for international long-haulers who need comfort for such long hours. All cabins include a recliner, a bed, linen, and all inflight services with dedicated cabin crew.
  • Delta Premium Select: Featured only on select international routes, this travel class comes with seats that have extra recline and an adjustable footrest for extra comfort. You will find this on Delta’s A350 flights
  • First Class: Featuring 8 inches of additional legroom and 5.4 inches of recline, Delta’s first class comes with dedicated attendants and wider seatback screens. You also get power outlets.
  • Delta Comfort+: Available on select domestic and international flights, this travel class includes 4 inches of extra legroom and dedicated overhead bin space to store baggage.
  • Main Cabin: This class is a privileged economy travel which features seat selection for Medallion members, and complimentary premium entertainment. This travel class is a higher experience from the conventional economy class.
  • Basic economy: Comes with selective experiences of main cabin, but seat selections are not available. Wi-Fi is available if flyers choose to purchase inflight or while booking.

Delta Airlines Flight Status, Online Check-In & Baggage Info

Delta Airlines feature different check-in and baggage services depending on the travel class you have selected. For premier classes, check-ins and baggage collection is offered at dedicated counters and lounges are available for waiting. For other classes, fast process is guaranteed at all Delta counters. Flight status and information is always updated on the website, and is communicated to the travelers via mail or SMS. Online check-in is available for all classes.



Virgin Atlantic Airlines Hub

Delta Airlines operate with eight international and four domestic hubs. Here is a list of airports from where there is maximum outbound traffic for Delta:

  • O’Hare International Airport to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport: 4,347 flights monthly
  • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport: 3,982 flights monthly
  • Charlotte Douglas International Airport to Detroit Metro Airport: 3,499 flights monthly
  • Ronald Reagan Washington International Airport to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport: 3,406 flights monthly
  • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to Detroit Metro Airport: 3,356 flights monthly