Top Lufthansa Airlines Flight Deals

Lufthansa Airlines offers some very great deals that give you the option to choose the arrival and departure airports that are preferable to you, help you to compare ticket prices, give you information about flight times as well as find out the distance of the top airports from your hotel. Have a look at these attractive Lufthansa Airlines deals.

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Lufthansa Airlines Tickets And Airfare

Lufthansa is a Germany based airline which is best known for cheap flights and services. It is one of the major air carriers in the world that serve millions of passengers yearly. The airline has its headquarters based in Frankfurt, Germany. Their current in-service fleet consists of 278 aircraft from Boeing and Airbus. They have plans of acquiring 127 more. Lufthansa is one of the founding members of the Star Alliance, the largest airlines alliance in the world.

Majority of Lufthansa Airlines Reservations are made for its’ international flights. The destinations served by Lufthansa Airlines Flights include countries throughout the European sub-continent, Asia and Africa. Its most popular routes are New York to Madras, Chicago to Mumbai and Philadelphia to Cologne. The airline’s chief cities include Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart.

Lufthansa Airlines In-Flight Amenities

Lufthansa is known for its in-flight hospitality.Your First Class and Business Class Lufthansa Airlines Flight Tickets are going to give you some excellent gourmet cuisine which will be served on fine chinaware, accompanied by the best selection of wines. In Premium Economy Class,the passengers are greeted with a welcome drink and are also provided with meals on the fine china.Your Lufthansa Airlines Tickets for Economy Class too provides with the finest airlines meals.It also offers special meals for its young passengers on attractive culinary for kids.

Special meals for vegetarians, diabetics, people with food allergies as well as members of certain religious faiths. It is also known for providing a Country-specific cuisine that are tailored to regional tastes even on international routes.

Lufthansa in-flight entertainment offers current blockbusters, classics old films, games and music that will ensure you that you will be enjoying an interesting and entertaining flight. If you want to stay connected with your work, the in-flight internet will allow you to stay connected with the work and take all your necessary decisions. Apart from this, you can be updated with the current events of the outside world by logging on to the Euronews Channel.

Travel Classes

You can enjoy the perfect service on-board with Lufthansa Airlines. Listed below is all the information about Lufthansa travel classes:

  • Economy Class: Here you will getthe best seat comfort, entertainment programmes, free internet access as well as food and beverages in Economy Class.
  • Premium Economy Class:This travel class will give you a whole new travel experience between the Business Class and Economy Class on the long-haul flights. You will enjoy more comfortable seats along with more service and more extras.
  • Business Class:Here you get a personalised seat with all the special amenities along with delicious food and the best in-flight entertainment.
  • First Class: Travelling in the First Class means that you will always be able to expect the exceptional. Here you are not only going to get all the services given in the Business Class but also get personal assistance at all times.

Lufthansa Airlines Flight Status, Online Check-In & Baggage Info

Depending upon your cabin class and the destination route, the Lufthansa baggage policy allows you to bring one or two carry-on bags aboard without any charge. All the passengers are allowed to bring a personal item aboard, like laptop bag, handbag, or brief case without facing any kind of additional charges.

In many cases, you might be allowed to check one bag with Lufthansa airlines without experiencing any charges; however,the cabin class and route is ultimately going to determine your checked luggage allowance. Lufthansa baggage fees are added to luggage that exceeds the airline’s weight or size limitations or excessive number of bags.

You can always opt for the online check-in tool to save some time. The best part about the Lufthansa check in online tool is that one can enter the information online as well as avoid the long lines at the airport. This feature allows all its passengers check into your flight and print the boarding passes before you arrive at the airport. Just enter your information related to your Frequent Flyer Card, the booking reference, the ticket number, or Lufthansa Vollcharter to check way in advance.

You can also use the Lufthansa flight status tool to avail the most current details on flight departures, arrivals, and new gate assignments. If you want to go for a convenient access, you can always sign up for the airline to send you an automated flight status notification via SMS on your mobile phone.



Lufthansa Airlines Hub

Lufthansa Airlines have their main hub in the ‎Frankfurt Airport‎; ‎Munich Airport‎. Apart from this it also flies from other airports with number of flights varying viz:

  • Frankfurt Intl. (167)
  • Franz Josef Strauss Intl. (117)
  • Duesseldorf Intl. (52)
  • Hamburg (28)
  • Heathrow (27)
  • Brussels (21)
  • Liberty Intl. (21))
  • Tegel (20)
  • Stuttgart (18)
  • Zurich (12)