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Travelling is a way of rejuvenating the soul and gathering experiences. These days, travelling via air has become easier with constant availability of discounts and cheaper airfares. United Airlines is one air-brand which offers domestic and international tickets at steal-deal prices. If you see yourself travelling somewhere in the near future, United Airlines deals are just a click away!

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United Airlines Tickets And Airfares

United Airlines are considered to be the third biggie in this industry in terms of revenue, following closely behind American Airlines and Delta Airlines. United serve their customers by providing over 375 destinations across the globe, with an extensive network in the Asia-Pacific region. There are 235 domestic United Airlines flights destinations, while 138 are international. Their presence is noticeable in Australasia, Oceania, Africa, Europe and Middle East. Their mainline fleet consists of 754 in-service aircraft, which is among the largest in the world.

United Airlines tickets can be booked to a choice of 1,300 airports worldwide, making them the largest airlines in terms of number of destinations served. Such voluminous flight frequency has resulted in these airlines having nine hubs in total, with the major one being Chicago – O’Hare. These airlines are also the founding member of Star Alliance, which is the largest airline alliance in the world! This alliance has a total of 28 member airlines, including Delta and American.

If you so choose, your United Airlines reservation comes with MileagePlus loyalty program, which allows you to cash-in your flyer miles across all airlines which are members of Star Alliance. In addition to this, loyal customers are rewarded with quick privilege escalation the more they fly with United – perks like upgrades, fee waivers, priority travel services, bonus and award miles become available.

United Airlines In-Flight Amenities

United Airlines promises the most convenient and comfortable inflight experiences with the many services it offers in the air. Here is a glimpse:

  • Flyers get many modes of entertainment in-air, depending on the aircraft they are flying in. The Personal Device Entertainment feature offers flyers with the option to use their own devices to access United’s media library for entertainment. TV services are available on United’s Boeing 737 and 757-300 aircraft. All seats come fitted with personal inflight screens wherein passengers can access United’s entertainment library.
  • United’s flyers are always connected with the digital world through its inflight Wi-Fi service. For frequent flyers, United offers the service of purchasing inflight Wi-Fi using MileagePlus miles. Other options include purchasing Wi-Fi service in advance for a month through United’s online portal, if you are flying frequently during that time. Select flights of United Airlines offer power outlets inflight to premium customers – which is a big plus if you are a business traveller.
  • The premium class customers on United Airlines enjoy a hearty five-course meal, with their signature ice cream sundae. Considering the time taken by flight between your destinations, you will be served a mid-flight snack. United’s team of chefs have also designed a healthy but tasty menu for economy flyers, which is included in United Airlines flight tickets. Snacks on the menu can be purchased separately by economy flyers. In addition, all non-alcoholic beverages served on-board are complimentary.

Travel Classes

United Airlines believes in catering to all classes of customers in a manner they are accustomed to; therefore offer many different flying categories that suit the tastes of their passengers.

United Polaris

Polaris is the flagship name of United’s most premium ticket class available for International long-haulers. It contains full 360֠ experience, spacious interiors, high quality bedding and linen, multicourse meals and a-la-carte snacks, relaxation areas with premium upholstery, shower facility and beverages.

United First

First class travel is redefined with United with dedicated check-ins and pre-flight services. There are no service charges for baggage in first class. The seats are thoughtfully designed with 6-way headrest, bucket seating with recline, storage spaces and slots for laptops and water bottles. Meals depend on flight duration. Connectivity and entertainment are inflight, with United’s Wi-Fi and entertainment facilities included in the ticket.

United Business

Business class travel comes with seats that are designed fit for relaxation or work. They feature a similar 6-way headrest and bucket seating with recline. All the seats come with private screen which allow access to United’s extensive collection of entertainment.

United Economy

Economy class comes in two categories with United – premium and basic. Premium economy passengers get about 5” extra legroom, which can be very helpful for taller passengers. The meals served are a delicious mix of healthy and tasty, with snacks up for purchase on the menu. Beverages are available.

United Airlines Flight Status, Online Check-In & Baggage Info

United Airlines provide easy check-in options to all its passengers alike, with web check-in facility available online on the website or through travel agencies. The baggage information is dispensed to the passengers via email, respective of the type of ticket they have booked. SMS and email services informing the passengers about flight status and schedule is available to keep them informed and updated.

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United Airlines Hubs

Chicago – O’Hare airport is the major hub for this airline, and the largest one in terms of number of passengers carried and number of departures in a year. Other airports served by this airline that are major and busy routes are:

  • Charlotte Douglas International Airport to O’Hare International Airport: 3,801 flights monthly
  • Charlotte Douglas International Airport to George Bush International Airport: 3,507 flights monthly
  • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to O’Hare International Airport: 3,352 flights monthly
  • Charlotte Douglas International Airport to Newark Liberty International Airport: 3,116 flights monthly
  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to O’Hare International Airport: 3,062 flights monthly

Keep United Airlines flight deals in mind the next time you have to fly somewhere.