Cancellation​ ​Policy

Operating ethically, we make it a practice to keep our modus operandi transparent so as to build a relationship based on mutual trust. Take note of our Cancellation and Refund policy.

While using our website, in any manner, you understand and agree with the terms discussed as follows:

We have little control on the processing of the waiver by the airline. Hence, we do not commit any time period about the time required to process your request or subsequent waiver. Ever airline has its own set of terms governing the process. Customer Support desk at Cheapflightsfreak is committed to help you get resolution from your airline in a quick and easy manner. Once we request a cancellation request from you, we send you an email notification acknowledging the same. This notification does not automatically qualify you for a refund. Upon the receipt of your request, we take the issue with your flight service provider or supplier.

All suppliers charge a penalty for cancellation, and that is levied on per-passenger basis. The process of cancellation or refund may take 60-90 days from the date you made the request. Cancellation requests are considered on phone only. We offer Special Discounts for Military, Natural Disasters, Bereavement, and the Visually Impaired.



The changes by airlines to its flight schedule are beyond our control. Some disparity exists regarding the terms and conditions observed by different airlines. Typical changes are as follows: flight number changes, time changes, routing, date changes and/or cancellations.

Generally airlines inform about such changes in advance. However, in rare circumstances, immediate changes may also be enforced, which are often unpredictable in nature.


An airline may terminate its flight service to certain destinations on account of reasons as mentioned below.

Cheapflightsfreak shall not be held liable for cancelled, missed or postponed flights or any damage arising out of those situations, whatsoever.

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