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Types of Bologna Flight Bookings Available

Cheapflightsfreak enables you to discover the best Bologna flight deals with airlines of your choice. You can book cheap one-way or two-way flight tickets to Bologna based on your requirements and availability of the flight services to the desired destination. If circumstances demand, you can also book last-minute flights to Bologna at a highly competitive rate.

Check Bologna flight deals with different airlines and make a smart choice. To book low-cost airline tickets with Bologna prefer weekdays to board the flight. Also, being an early bird, you can save big on all air tickets to Bologna.

Bologna Airports

Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport (IATA: BLQ) is an international airport serving the city of Bologna in Italy. As it’s centrally located in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, so you spend little time to reach out to key tourist attractions in the city. The airport sits approximately 6 km (3.7 mi) northwest of the city center.

Top Cities and the Airlines Connecting Them with Bologna

Rank City Carriers
1 Kefallonia, Kos, Lampedusa, Mykonos Blu-express
2 Vienna Austrian Airlines
3 Brussels Brussels Airlines
4 Alghero, Athens, Barcelona, Bari Ryanair
5 Istanbul–Atatürk Turkish Airlines

Best time to visit Bologna

The busiest month to visit Bologna is March after January and February. The Hotel prices and flights become expensive during these times, and hence you need to get your bookings done well in advance. Tourists are found to refrain from going in Nov and hence these months are least expensive. If you are looking for going to this place during these months, we suggest you go for the best offers available for cheap online flights to Bologna. During summer which falls during June-Aug has high temperature and makes the place warm and there is least precipitation and accommodation is less expensive. During Sept-Nov there is fall in the season and hence the season is comfortable with the presence of humidity and wind. It rains, and there is snow for 3-6 days a month. Tourists do not go much during this time. During winter (Dec-Feb) there is cold and can be enjoyed by tourists who wish to go during warm seasons from their countries. Plane tickets to Bologna can be had online via our website. It makes your work smooth and easy.

Top Attractions in Bologna

  • Bologna City Walking Tour

    You can go for a walk around the place. To learn about the city’s historical aspects, you can go to Traverse Bologna’s historical center. The streets are lively, and it is made livelier by the presence of interesting architecture at Basilica di San Petronio and the Two Towers. You can take a look at the sculptures like bronze Fontana del Nettuno. The city is classy and worth watching. Let us explore it. Round trip flights to Bologna can be made with some of the best flight deals available online.

  • Oratory of Santa Cecilia

    Do visit to see the fresco cycle of the life of St Cecilia. It is a unique and artistic creation. It is a gem of the place and adds to the spectacular beauty of the location. It is free and open for all. One of the best examples of Renaissance art. It portrays the life of Saint Cecilia and her husband Valentine. When you are in the city, do not miss to visit here. Bologna flight deals are available online which makes it available at your fingertips.

  • Museum of Palazzo Poggi

    It is located at the university, and you can take an easy talk from downtown to reach out to this place. The displays are in the Spanish language however they seem to be of so much interest for the viewer. It depicts how medics learned the art of coping with issues of childbirth in 1700. There are fascinating models with the message with them.  Must pay a visit during the trip and cheap airline tickets to Bologna can be a great help.

  • Park of Montagnola

    It is a park with historic importance, and it is located between the railway station and the bus stand. It can be called the gateway for the tourists. There is a circular tank which has animal sculptures, and that is an artistic work of Diego Sarti. The monumental entrance takes you back to the 19th centuries. There are so many things to see and explore here. It is a worth going place during the trip. Some Direct flights to Bologna are exclusively coupled with attractive discounts. Don’t miss those deals.

Top Outdoor Things to Experience in Bologna

  • Nanni Library

    Please stop by the Nanni Library as it has many historic second-hand books by the side of the street near to the main square. The books are kept for display, and they are worth their price. This place is going to make you check out some of the best historic books, and you will be forced to spend on it even if you are not looking for one. It is a charismatic sight, and the staffs will help you a lot with your search. You must pay a visit and spend some time here.

  • Piazza Otto Agosto

    It has discounted clothes and shoes. You get those in wide ranges and they are available at very low prices. If you search is for vintage clothes and you have a tight budget then you must visit here.  There are stalls which sell items for 50 cents and €1. It is a huge place to see and the largest market in Bologna. This place is full of the flavor of Bologna. Don’t miss to see it. Bologna flight discount are awaiting you so you can grab them easily online.

  • Strega Tea Shop

    This place has all that you wish to buy. You can buy Christmas gift for your family and food, hats and candles in this place. The people around you in this place are amazing and make you feel at home. This shop is all about tea and spices and has very good service in the presence of polite and friendly staffs. Things like chocolates, jams are available at reasonable price. Last minute flights to Bologna are not much away from you. All you need to do is to go online and grab some of the best offers.

  • Vitruvio Association

    This is an organizing body which organizes guided tours, events and various shows. All this is done exclusively with the intention to develop the waterways and undergrounds. It takes you through the city, and you see famous monuments and traditions and various other aspects.

    Hope you found the information regarding the best times to visit Bologna, top attractions in Bologna and cheap Bologna flight deals useful. To save big act quick and secure your low-cost air ticket to Bologna now.