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Types of Bordeaux Flight Bookings Available

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Bordeaux Airports

Bordeaux–Mérignac Airport (IATA: BOD) is the international airport of Bordeaux, in south-western France. The airport is based in the commune of Mérignac, 12 km (7.5 mi) west of Bordeaux, within the département of the Gironde. Based on the passenger handling capacity in 2017 it was recognized as the sixth-busiest airport in France.

You can find direct or non-stop flights to Bordeaux from key airports in Europe, Northern Africa, and Caribbean destinations.

Top Cities and the Airlines Connecting Them with Bordeaux

Rank City Carriers
1 Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin-Schönefeld, Bristol, Brussels easyJet
2 Brussels Brussels Airlines
3 Frankfurt Lufthansa
4 Bergamo, Charleroi, London Ryanair
5 Palma de Mallorca, Palermo, Pisa Volotea

Best time to visit Bordeaux

To visit Bordeaux the most suitable time is May, June, and July as during these times the spring season comes, and that is most enjoyable for tourists. During summer (June-Aug) the weather is very nice for tourists, and it has a very high temperature. During spring (March-May) the climate is moderate, and it is also one of the busiest seasons for the tourists. Other seasons including winter and Sep-Nov (fall) have a slowdown in the tourism. During rush seasons there is a rise in the hotel rates, and during rest of the months, there is fall in the rates. We would suggest you decide on your budget. If you are okay with making your trip expenses and have maximum fun and enjoyment, then you must go during May-July.

Top Attractions in Bordeaux

  • Jacques Chaban Delmas Bridge

    This Bridge is amazing and impressive. It is next to La Cité du Vin, and you can visit it by tram. It is great construction, and the area nearby is full of shops, cinemas, cafes and many more places of entertainment. If you look it from the river it looks astonishing. A must see a place for your visit. Book cheap flights to Bordeaux ASAP.

  • The Water Mirror

    It is so striking and beautiful place and a major attraction with unusual beauty. It is sensational to see the water mirror, and it looks stunning in the evening. You see the reflection of the buildings which are on the opposite side. This looks amazing. A very nice place for the family get-together. Booking of plane tickets to Bordeaux can be much cheaper if done well in advance.

  • Grand Theatre

    It is such a beautiful theatre with comfortable seats.  It has a lovely surrounding. It is an old theatre and gives discounts to the students and people who are below 25

    Here, you can watch a show for 10 EUROS. Visit 20 minutes in advance to avoid any rush and waiting in the queue. If you like to see opera and ballet, you must go here. Compare hotel deals as your stay may be of few days. You can pick up round-trip flights to Bordeaux at very reasonable rates.

  • St-Emilion Route des Châteaux Wine Tasting from Bordeaux

    You can taste some of the finest wines of France.  It is an amazing experience, and you can buy and taste some of the most amazing wines of France in various flavors like Pomerol and Fronsac. It displays the most well-known winemaking heritage of the place which is in the norms of native society.Round trip flights to Bordeaux are available online which saves your money.

Top Outdoor Things to Experience in Bordeaux

  • Museum of Aquitaine

    It includes some of the most interactive activities that can make your time worthwhile. We have “Family Workshop”, which is related to “High-Speed Archeology” in which children play the scientists and make an analysis of the archaeological remains. They are well equipped with magnifying glasses, labels, and pouches. It is great fun to see that. There are some other activities like “Anniversary” when children do fun activities. It takes you back to Haitian Revolution and gives an insight of those times. You can understand Aquitaine more here. There are so many things to see here. Do visit the place when you are in the city. Direct flights to Bordeaux are hassle-free now as they are available with best discounts online.

  • Wine & Trade Museum

    It takes you back to the times when the Bordeaux wine trade system originated. It tells us about the story of the great merchant families of the 18th and 19th centuries. It is a place of historical relevance, and you should visit it to explore more about the history of the country. You will be assisted by supportive staffs that are full of knowledge, and they have all answers to your questions. It is worth a visit. You should not wait for any more for the cheap airline tickets to Bordeaux as they are all set on the website. Visit the website and make your bookings.

  • Wildlife Park Rene CANIVENC

    This park gives great exposure to the world of flora and fauna and children find it very interesting. It has big eyes deer, fallow deer, wallabies and farm animals. This park also included a place where you can go in for a picnic with your family and friends. It opens every day at 8:00 AM and closes by sunset. There are numerous things to explore here. All you need to do is to plan your visit at the time of booking of air tickets to Bordeaux.

  • Marche des Capucins

    This is a market which is worth visiting. You can get a wide range of things right from eggs to truffles, fish, cheese, vegetables, organic wine, and meat. If you wish to see the life of France, you must visit this place as it is a place which is visited by the natives on a daily basis.  You can also stand by café stalls and enjoy the lunch with wine. Here, you experience the real flavor of France. If you have not visited it, you have missed something.

    Hope you found the information useful in planning your Bordeaux vacation. Book advanced or last-minute flights to Bordeaux quickly and easily with Cheapflightsfreak.