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Types of Brussels Flight Bookings Available

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Brussels Airports

Brussels is served by Brussels-National Airport, located in the nearby Flemish municipality of Zaventem, Brussels South Charleroi Airport, located near Charleroi (Wallonia), and Melsbroek Air Base, located in Steenokkerzeel, is mainly a military airport and is used in a minority way for civilian travelers.

Top Cities, and the Airports Connecting them with Brussels

Rank City Carriers
1 Punta Cana, Rabat, Sal, Santo Domingo, TUI fly Belgium
2 Chicago–O’Hare, Newark, Washington–Dulles United Airlines
3 Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca, Santiago Vueling
4 Alicante, Barcelona, Berlin-Schönefeld, Dublin Ryanair
5 Venice, Vienna, Brussels Airlines

Best times to Visit Brussels

The best time to visit Brussels is between March and May (spring) and September and October (fall). During the spring the temperature hovers around mid-30s and mid-60s degree Fahrenheit. If you are planning to attend one of its popular festival of spring, i.e., Iris Day Festival (May), book your low-cost airline ticket to Brussels in April.

The peak season of tourism is June-August, summer.  The city’s streets swarm with crowds of visitors, and long lines often form outside the main attractions. Key Events include Ommegang Pageant (June) and National Day (July 21).

Top Things to Do in Brussels for Families/Kids

  • Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

    Dedicated to the largest ever known reptile species to man -Dinosaurs, one of its kinds in the entire world, this museum has an extensive dinosaur collection. Some of Exhibitions for public display are- The Dinosaur hall, Mammal Gallery for recent and extinct mammal’s exhibition and Mosasaur Hall with the world famous Jurassic period carnivorous gigantic predator’s skeletons for here for display and thrill. Another one is Gallery of a Human kind: – Covering the evolutionary phase in remarkable 3D reconstructions Of Men and Mammoths which survived the last ice age in Western Europe. Suggested duration is a max 2-3 hours. Museum staff is Staff very friendly & assisting with the visitors and ticket price are quite reasonable.

    Operating Hours for public exhibition: From Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM. Admission fees for Children aged 6-17 are € 4.50, and for adults, it’s € 7. Photography & filming in the museum is allowed for visitors as long as flashes and tripods are not used and that too for personal use only.

    There is one good restaurant near the museum – Dino Café which is a favorite destination for crowd & children offering tasty sandwiches, soups, hot meals and hot dogs to its clients.

  • Children's Museum (Ixelles)

    A great place which gives young kids the opportunity to understand &learn themselves and others better via exhibitions involving their participation by way of play & fun in a great way. The furnishing and interiors are just amazing and quite educational. This museum offers participants thematic playgrounds and different workshops among which cooking workshop is the most attractive. The opening hours are though very restrictive as it operates from Monday to Sunday from 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm. Admission fees for adults and children (from 3 years old) is €8,50  and free admission for Under three years old age group kids. Please note that they do not accept electronic payments! Just a half an hour on public transport or a little less by a car outside Brussels itself in Ixelles, this sounds an ideal place for younger children with a focus on learning and discovering the world.

  • Mini-Europe

    One can enjoy the grand tour of the continent in just a few hours with a visit to Mini-Europe.  There are around some 300 tiny models of famous European monuments and sites such as The Berlin Wall, Big Ben and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Interactive games and hands-on exhibits make for a fun-filled day for your kids. It’s a nice little place to spend an hour or two on holiday. Adding further, Mini Europe is right next to the ‘Atomium,’ so if you are going there, you should swing by mini Europe. Admission fees are € 11, 50 for (<12y) and € 15, 50 for Adults.

Top Things to Do in Brussels for couples

  • La Cabane du Fou Chantant

    Get hypnotized in love & gaze into each other’s eyes as you dine in the “world’s smallest restaurant” situated on the edge of a tree! This is the best place with full of little treats where you can lose yourself with your better half to show just how much you love them. Just get installed in your cabin alone with best quality French cuisine to enjoy a memorable musical retreat!!

  • A la Mort Subite

    This is one of the best bars in Brussels for drinks & late night parties with attentive staff & excellent atmosphere to spend some good time with your partner. Opening hours are all 7 days from* 11 AM to 1 AM * and on Sunday from midday until midnight. This bar has such a great ambiance which can take you 50 years back. A wonderful refuge to enjoy authentic crafted beer & great meals, that’s why it is voted as a must visit spot for an appetizer’s choice in entire Belgium.

  • Christmas Market

    The Christmas market in Brussels is a joyful experience for a shopaholic with a wide variety offering of traditional products, arts, and crafts, delicious food. Winter in Brussels is like fun, and it’s going to stay that way forever! Evening lights make this market even more charming and attracting to the potential visitors. Though it’s busy and hectic and easy to get lost that’s the real beauty and uniqueness of this market making it possible everything you could ever want!

    Hope you found the information useful. At Cheapflightsfreak, book your cheap air ticket to Brussels to usher in the world of unlimited fun and entertainment.