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Types of Gdansk Flight Bookings Available

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Gdansk Airport

You need to look for fights heading to Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport (IATA: GDN). This is an international airport that sits 12 km (7.5 mi) northwest of Gdańsk, Poland. The airport served around 4.6 million passengers in 2017. It is the 3rd largest airport in Poland. Hence, if you are planning a vacation to Gdansk in particular and Poland in general, it’s a must that you book your flight tickets in advance.

Top Cities, and the Airports Connecting them with Gdansk

Rank City Carriers
1 Aberdeen, Ålesund, Barcelona Wizz Air
2 Bergen, Copenhagen Scandinavian Airlines
3 Ryanair Aarhus, Alicante, Athens
4 Amsterdam KLM
5 Helsinki Finnair

Best Time to visit Gdansk

The temperature of the city varies greatly from month to month. June through August is the very warmest time.  The highs swing around 73.8°F (23.2°C). It rarely drops below 60.4°F (15.8°C) at night. The winter starts from November and lasts till March. The cost of plane tickets to Gdansk and hotel accommodation and itineraries drops significantly during the period. However, before booking your low-cost flights to Gdansk, you must take a note of the weather forecast.

Cheapflgihtsfreak not just facilitate a cheap flight booking platform but also fulfills the role of a guide. We keep our customers informed about the weather that often impacts the flight services. Our proactive communication helps travellers to stay organized and make the most of their leisure and money.

Top Attractions in Gdansk for Kids/Families

Blue Lamb Archeological Education Centre

Does history sound boring to your kid? If you answered, yes, a visit to this museum will change his or her mindset altogether. Let your kid have an exciting journey through the medieval reality using interactive multimedia exhibitions and workshops.

Exhibits are prepared with minute attention to detail to help children understand the culture and arts of the era. Visit the website to know more.

Golden Gate

The Golden Gate is an iconic tourist hotspot not just in Poland but the entire world. The gate, built in 1612-14, is a replacement for a 13th-century gothic gate, which was created from the security perspective by the monarch of Poland. The gate provided a fortification to the city against rivals.

Did you know the architect behind? Well, the design was made by Abraham van den Blocke and was built by Jan Strakowski. The building is an absolute reflection of the Dutch mannerism as explained here.

Golden Gate

National Museum

The National Museum in Gdańsk chronologically exhibits its collection across seven departments related to Ancient Art – contains Hans Memling’s Last Judgment, Modern Art – in the Opatów Palace in Oliwa, Ethnography – in the Spichlerz Opacki, Green Gate, Gdańsk Photography and Museum of the National Anthem in Będomin and Museum of Szlachta Traditions in Waplewo Wielkie. Some globally famous arts include The Last Judgement by Hans Memling, (late 1460s), Bowl with Flowers by Jan Brueghel the Younger, and Portrait of a Woman by Anthony van Dyck.

National Museum

Top Attractions in Gdansk for Couples

Thai Thai

As the name suggests, this is a paradise for foodies who are a fan of Thai cuisines. You get a wide range of cuisines to savor on. Expect dishes of sesame, marinated vegetables, chili, and salt sundried pork neck to name a few. Don’t forget to order shrinking rollers with shrimps. The diversity also reflects in the beverages, particularly the wines they serve. The restaurant is open 7 days a week from 12:00.

The cosy internal settings provide the right environment that you fantasize on this romantic vacation to Gdansk.

Sopot Beach

Unwind and relax on the coast of the Baltic Sea, which is highly regarded as the quietest place on the planet. Enjoy rejuvenating treatments in health spas and admire the nature while taking a stroll together on the beach. Enjoy mini golf, beach frisbee golf, water bucket relay, beach volleyball or any other game on the beach. This is one of the perfect beach vacation destinations that the world knows.

If you are a music fan, we recommend you to find air tickets to Gdansk in and around Sopot International Song Festival, which is held in the month of July or August. It sees the world’s top performers contesting for the coveted number one spot. This is one of the largest events in Europe.

Sopot Beach

Lake Morskie Oko

Want to know where did painters to the likes of Walery Eljasz-Radzikowski, Leon Wyczółkowski, to name a few and poets like Wincenty Pol and Adam Asnyk derive their inspiration from?

This lake was the muse that made them come out with incredible art works that made headlines and are gracing renowned museums and libraries not just in Poland but Europe as well. If have watched ‘The Formula’, you don’t need much description of the lake.

Hope you found the information regarding Gdansk flight deals, best times to visit Gdansk and the top attractions for kids, families and couples interesting and exciting.

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