Kingston Airfare Deals

The fares against plane tickets to Kingston are round-trip, non-warranted and subject to change. The costs are for round-trip flights to Kingston, Jamaica with noted IATA-certified airlines only. Since the fares to Leon Kingston flight deals are based on historical data, they might change at the time of booking. The cost of air tickets to Leon Kingston is inclusive of base fare, fuel surcharges, our service, and taxes applied by the airlines or the airports.

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Types of Kingston Flight Bookings Available

Cheapflightsfreak makes you spot the best Kingston flight deals with the IATA-certified air carriers. Compare airfares and book cheap one-way or two-way flight to Leon Kingston quickly and safely using any Internet-connected device. We help you book advance or last-minute flights to Leon Kingston across all seasons.

Discover Kingston flight deals with the world’s top-notch airlines. To book low-cost airline tickets with Kingston, Jamaica go for a weekday flight. Booking your low-cost air ticket to Kingston at least 21 days in advance helps you make significant savings.

Kingston Airports

International flights to and from Kingston are managed by Norman Manley International Airport while the domestic services by Tinson Pen Aerodrome.

Top Cities and the Airlines Connecting Them with Kingston

Rank City Carriers
1 Antigua, Fort Lauderdale, Nassau, New York–JFK, Orlando Caribbean Airlines
2 New York–JFK, Toronto–Pearson Fly Jamaica Airways
3 Fort Lauderdale, New York–JFK JetBlue Airways
4 Fort Lauderdale, New York–JFK JetBlue Airways
5 Fort Lauderdale Spirit Airlines

Best Time to Visit Kingston

Kingston is known for its historical aspects. It has the Blue Mountains and a natural harbor and a major tourist attraction. To make a trip to Kingston, you should know the climate and weather conditions. The month which gets most of the tourists is January, May, and December. March-May is spring season when humidity is coupled with temperature, and hence it makes the weather warm. It makes it suitable for tourists to come. It is expensive due to rush. Hence when you book for the cheap flights to Kingston, you must keep this as a concern. The months of June-August are the time for summer, and during these times the weather conditions are very nice and have high temperature. People flock to see the place, and this makes it most expensive for bookings of hotels and cheap flights to Kingston. But if you make your bookings in advance, it will be cheaper for you. During October the bookings are least expensive as there is fall in season and during Dec-Feb when it is winter.

Top Attractions in Kingston

  • Fort Clarence Beach

    The beach is neat and clean and has lots of white sand, making it look like paradise. It has clean bathrooms and vendors who offer lobster, soup, steamed and roasted fish. So, you can enjoy your time with nice food. For entry, you need to pay $250 for adult and $100 for the kid. You must pay a visit. When you make your bookings for plane tickets to Kingston you need to check for these places and get some of the best offers for your stay.

  • Sabina Park Cricket Stadium

    For cricket lovers, it is a must-see. It is well maintained and proportioned. There are floodlights and very nice seating arrangements for the spectators. It is a great place for public events, and you can have party time also. Booking for a round trip to Kingston has been made very user-friendly on our website. Compare the prices for hotel bookings before you make bookings for cheap airfare tickets to Kingston.

  • Holy Trinity Cathedral

    This is a stunning place to see, especially during the wedding. It is a church with painted ceilings. In Jamaica, it is an amazing piece of architectural work. Once you visit here, you will hold your breath. This place has nice parking area. Once you are in Kingston, do not forget to visit this place. Your visit can be a bit out of budget due to long stay, which can be compensated with cheap flight tickets to Kingston available online.

  • Devon House

    This place includes all that you need to have a friendly get-together with some of the best Jamaican Ice creams. It is a store meant for aesthetic and delicious ice creams. You can sit and relax with ice creams of a wide range of flavors. The place has nice seating arrangement and very good service altogether. Some of the fantastic flavors

    are Rum Raisin, Coconut, Crunchy munchies, etc. Kingston flight deals are easy to explore online as you just need to sign up and search for the best deals.

Top Outdoor Activities in Kingston

  • Loose Cannon

    If boating and water sports are your favorite activities then Loose Cannon is a good choice. Loose Cannon Boat Charter and Tours is a company for helping you explore some of the best exquisite beaches in Kingston. Here, you have the bar facility, seating arrangements for many people with Wi-Fi and music. All this makes the place rocking. You can make your time worth spending. Go and have a blast and you would like to come here again and again whenever you are in Jamaica. Cheap airline tickets are waiting for you online. Grab them!!

  • Latitude Jamaica

    This Agency has expertise in making your trip memorable. They provide advisors, guide, drivers and accommodations, restaurants and good places to visit. They make your trip better. They leave no stone unturned in taking you through Jamaican incredibly rich locations. The most affordable and cheap airline tickets to Kingston can make your trip smooth and easy.

  • Constant Spring Golf Club

    This club is well known for its combination of drinks and live music on every Thursday. It begins at 8:30 and ends at 12:30 and all this takes your mind away with its thrill. This rocking moment can be very rejuvenating for you. Those who are music fans, for them it is a must-go place. It is highly recommended from your trip’s perspective. Book your cheap flights to Kingston via our website.

  • Arrowhead Birding Tours

    Arrowhead, a place meant exclusively for birding tour, has some of the best plans to take you on tour for Dendroica pharetra birds. This bird is known to be the one which can be photographed most suitably. This is called Jamaica’s best and the most precious bird. Do not miss to go for the birding experience and make your trip perfect. Check Kingston flight discounts with Cheapflightsfreak.

    Hope you found the information regarding Kingston, Jamaica flights, best times to visit in Kingston, top attractions in Kingston, and other information useful. Reach out to us over the phone to seek any assistance for booking a low-cost air ticket to Kingston.