Krakow Airfare Deals

The fares quoted on this page controlled by Cheapflightsfreak website are for round-trip plane tickets to Krakow, the United Kingdom with some popular airlines. All fares mentioned for the round-trip flights to Krakow are based on past data. Hence, the cost of air tickets to Krakow may change at the time of booking. The cost of plane tickets to Krakow is inclusive of base fare, fuel surcharges, our service, and taxes applied by the airlines or the airports.

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Types of Krakow Flight Bookings Available

Discover cheap airfare to Krakow, the UK as per your convenience. From cheap one-way flights to Krakow to round-trip flights to Krakow, our flight engine covers all to help you cope with your personal and business needs.

We provide Lowest Airfare Guarantee on all flight bookings including last-minute flights to Krakow. What does it mean? Cheapflightsfreak is liable to facilitate a full refund, in case any other service providers facilitate the same ticket with similar itineraries on the same data at a lower price. Wondering about the traveling cost and flight duration?It takes around 21 hours min to travel from Charlotte Douglas (CLT) airport(US) to Krakow international, Germany costing to $658 in economy class as best deal with two stops in New York and Copenhagen.

Krakow Airports

You can book cheap air tickets to Krakow with airlines heading to John Paul II International Airport Kraków (IATA: KRK). This is an international airport located near Kraków, in the village of Balice.  It serves the second highest number of passengers in the country.

We help you book advance or last-minutes flight to Krakow with leading airlines. Customize your search to discover the best Krakow flight deals and book low-cost flight ticket to Krakow.

Top Cities, and the Airports Connecting them with Krakow

Rank City Carriers
1 Shannon, Stockholm-Skavsta, Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion Ryanair
2 Copenhagen, Stockholm-Arlanda Scandinavian Airlines
3 Bristol, Edinburgh, Hamburg easyJet
4 Antalya, Enfidha, Gran Canaria Enter Air
5 Finnair Helsinki

Best Time to Visit Krakow

If you are looking forward to pleasant weather with lots of daylight to explore Krakow, the best time for you would be between March and May, and then in fall, that is, between September and November. The temperature soars to mid-70s between July and August, while the average low in January is in the low 20s.

Top Attractions for Kids/Families in Krakow

In Poland, the harrowing memories of World War II will haunt any heart, and as a traveler or tourist, you can gift your children with the knowledge hovering over the ruthlessness of the New Economic World Order and the atrocities of the World War II.

  • Wawel Castle

    This castle has been known for creating the “Game of Thrones” environment with Dragon’s layer. The fascinating feature of the castle is the fire-breathing dragon in real that children can see at the Wisla castle. It is the best experience for the kids.

  • Transport Museum

    The transport museum will make your direct flight to Krakow a memorable experience. In this museum, the kids can explore and analyze different transport vehicles from the early stone age period to the tablet-age period. Specific and sophisticated motor vehicles are put on display, and it will surely entertain your kids in the weirdest manner.

  • Groteska Theater

    A special theater for kids with the best movies going on the silver screen every Sunday, if you wish to give your child the real fascinating experience, round-trip flights to Krakow can give you the delight to experience it.

  • Oceanarium

    If your kid loves the Marvel’s Aquaman, take him/her to this oceanarium where along with Aquaman, Gold-fish, Sea-horse, and sharks will give your kid the real pleasure.

  • Fantasy Park

    This park is nestled in the Plaza shopping complex, a short tram-ride east of the city center. The most advanced and sophisticated bowling alley that will completely redefine the experience. Get your best experiences with just a small visit to Krakow.

Top Attractions for Couples in Krakow, Poland

  • St. Thomas Corner

    This is an old town in Krakow where oldest bars and restaurants will completely entice you to experience the atmosphere. This place has cutting-edge and fascinating interiors, the best coffee and much more stuff for an excellent experience.

  • Kladka Bernadka

    A foot-bridge in between the Jewish District and Podgorze where you can lock the love between you and your beloved and throw the key of the padlock in the river. It is a practice and tradition that by doing so, you are locking trust, love, compassion, and passion that will never be lost.

  • Private Balloon Flights

    On a valentine date after your direct flight to Krakow, pick the Balloon Flight that will ultimately take your experiences to the next level. Dinner, date and other features will ultimately make you by storm.

  • Rooftop Cafe and Restaurants

    The cafe and restaurant on the rooftop with your beloved would be the best fantasy ever. This rooftop restaurant with outdoor terraced area lets you have a clear view of the Vistula River and Wawel Castle in Kraków. The restaurant sits on the top of the Jubilat supermarket complex. Shape this experience and enjoy the power of passion and romance in Krakow.

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