Larnaca Airfare Deals

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Types of Larnaca Flight Bookings Available

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Larnaca Airports

Larnaca International Airport (IATA: LCA) is the sole airport that connects this third-largest city of Cyprus to the rest of the world. The airport is a hub for major airlines including Aegean Airlines, Cobalt Air, and Cyprus Airways.

Top Cities, and the Airports Connecting them with Larnaca

Rank City Carriers
1 Bucharest, Budapest, Cluj-Napoca Wizz Air
2 Yamal Airlines Moscow
3 Glasgow, London TUI Airways
4 Copenhagen, Gothenburg TUI fly Nordic
5 Barcelona Vueling

Best Time to visit Larnaca

The best time to visit Larnaca is from April through May. The weather remains pleasant with temperature floating between 20 °C and 25°C. If you are heading to Larnaca in April, prefer carrying your umbrella. In May, the probability of rain reduces. The dry weather allows you to explore the best of Larnaca.

The time between May and August (Summer) witnesses little rain. However, the temperature goes up gradually until August. If this is your maiden trip to Larnaca, this could be the best time. Temperature wise there isn’t much constraint. Unlike the North American cities like Las Vegas or Orlando, here the temperate always stays above 15°C.

The Festival of the Flood celebrated during summer attracts lots of visitors. The festival lasts for a week and is characterized by a series of cultural events.

Top Attractions for Families/Kids in Larnaca

On your direct flight to Larnaca, you might be wondering about the best places to visit once you land, here are a few to be considered for the journey.

  • Parks and Promenade at Aphrodite

    With the biggest water facility in Cyprus, the Larnaca water park can instantly push the adrenaline flow in the body. With roller coasters, race cars and sailing in the lake, Larnaca will make your visit memorable and satisfactory.

  • Karting, Bikes, Jeep and Horse Riding

    At Dromolaxia, the carting, jeep safari, horse rides and bike adventure will completely redefine your experiences in Cyprus.  In this park, the riders are given maps of 40 different travel paths to prevent them getting lost. So, all you need is the fun and excitement to burn the wheels completely.

  • Camel Park

    A desert adventure on the Desert Ship will make things more memorable in Larnaca, Cyprus. In the Mazotos Village, you can experience the ride on the desert ship and experience the wilderness with a zeal of excitement and fun.

  • Adventurous Mountain Park

    At the base of Heterodox Mountains, which is a 90 minutes travel from Larnaca by Car, visitors will see the Adventure Mountain Park where Extreme Rock Climbing, Paintball, Ice skating, Skywalk and other adventure sports will completely mesmerize you.

Top Attractions for Couples in Larnaca

  • Petra tou Romiou and the Myth of Aphrodite

    Romantic couples will never miss seeing the place from where the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite emerged and lived in Cyprus. The sunrise and the sunset is the sight to see in Aphrodite. With your beloved, this will be a memory to cherish.

  • Akamas Sail

    With your beloved, a pleasurable boat ride of cruise ship crashing against the tides of Mediterranean will give you the best feeling. Do not settle for mediocre in Cyprus, as different places will bolster and strengthen your romantic bond.

  • Sunset Drink

    At the beaches, a sunset drink will add romance to the travel. After your direct flight to Larnaca, you can book any unique hotel capable of giving you a beach sunset view. Be the first to live the charm and the magic.

  • Troodos Mountain

    With myriad wildflowers, fresh pine, and the spring sun, the Troodos Mountains will give you memories to take home. The meandering sidetracks of the mountains with undulating valley and fascination will provide you with the chills.

    Sounds Larnaca an interesting vacation destination? Indeed, it’s irresistible, but we can’t pen all on a page. If you are planning to make most of your vacation time, book your low-cost air ticket to Larnaca with Cheapflightsfreak. Feel free to get in touch with us to book your low-cost air ticket to Larnaca.