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Types of Malta Flight Bookings Available

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Malta Airport

Malta International Airport is the prime airport in Malta that connects the city and the country with domestic and international flights to different locations.

From popular airports, including Manchester Airport, Catania Airport, London Heathrow Airport, Munich Airport, to name a few, you can easily figure out one-way and two-way flights to Malta.

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Top Cities, and the Airports Connecting them with Malta

Rank City Carriers
1 Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg Air Malta
2 Bologna, Manchester, Madrid Ryanair
3 Barcelona Vueling
4 Transavia France Nantes, Paris–Orly (Seasonal)
5 Frankfurt, Munich Lufthansa

Best Time to Visit Malta

Malta has got a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers.  The peak summer season is between June and September. However, the winter is comparatively less intense than that of Las Vegas. The temperature hovers around lows of 80s (Fahrenheit). The summer is dry and warm. Hence, you get ample time to explore the top attractions of the city.

In the winter the temperatures drop to around 60s. January is the coldest months. So, winter is also one of the best times to visit Malta.

Top Attractions in Malta for Kids & Families

National Museum of Archelogy

Kids love history? Especially, when it is connected to art and artefacts!! The National Museum of Archelogy  in the Maltese Island should be your first stop by point after your direct flight to Malta. In this museum, kids and adults can explore artefacts of the Neolithic Era or some 5000 B.C. In this museum, children can learn about the evolution of the intelligence of the mankind. In this museum, the first tool of “Sleeping Lady” is also up for public discourse.

Opens On Monday: From 9 a.m.- 5 P.M.

This museum is active 7 days in the week to serve the tourists and Maltians. The ticket price vary in between US$10- US$12; however, kids enjoy free entry.

National Museum of Archelogy

Gardens of Floriana, Malta

This Botanical Garden is not like a regular park, rather, visitors experience stunning show of grass art in the garden. In this garden, there is also a Protestant Cemetery and rich flora and fauna in this garden to attract any traveller to this place. Malta flight discounts encourage travellers to explore the beauties of Malta. This park is one among the many that travellers can pick on their visit to Malta, Spain.

Park Opens at 8:00 Hr- Closes at 12:00 Hr; Reopens again at 17:00 Hr, closes at 19:00 hr.

Gardens of Floriana, Malta

Tal-Ingliz Restaurant (Mgarr)

For the tourists, planning for the cuisine on-board their cheap flights to Malta might be tough. But, Tal-Ingliz Restaurant (Mgarr) simplifies this hassle. This restaurant is famous for serving the best Maltese cuisine. Tourists and visitors can also explore famous Maltese cuisine like horse, rabbit, octopus, snail and quail. This place might ask you to spend around US$80-US$100, but promise of scrumptious food will definitely make you overlook that. But at US$100, two people can taste the best wine and food at this restaurant.

Tal-Ingliz Restaurant (Mgarr)

Top Attractions in Malta for Couples

Maltese Island is famous for its honeymoon packages and many couples get cheap airfare tickets to Malta to make their visit economical. It is a promotional activity done by airline or travel agencies. But on the visit, romantic couples must not miss:

Wedding at Xara Palace

This 17th century courtyard should be on the preferred list if you want to get wedded in Malta. This place has intimate wedding arrangements and you can surprise your better half with exceptional decoration and as many as 150 guest accommodation for the grand reception. It is extremely apt place for a royal wedding!

Wedding at Xara Palace

Valletta Market

At the Valetta, couples can enjoy flea market from Monday to Saturday in the afternoon, Is-Suq tal-Belt will elevate the experiences of indoor shopping. Get yourself acquainted with these markets after your direct flight to Malta. It is advisable to pick a good travel guide for better bargaining power at this market.

Valletta Market

Labaranda Riviera Premium Resort & Spa

Refreshment after non-stop flight to Malta won’t be complete without a check-in to Labaranda Riviera Premium Resort & Spa. This resort will give the beach view and tourists can relax after their hard travels on the beaches of this resort. This laid-back spa resort is a 5-minute walk from a bus stop, and 2 km from both Saint Agatha’s Tower and Ċirkewwa harbour.

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Labaranda Riviera Premium Resort & Spa