Santiago Airfare Deals

The fares quoted on the Cheapflightsfreak website are for round-trip Santiago, Chile flights with key airlines. The mentioned prices for round-trip flight ticket to Santiago are based on historical data and, hence, are likely to change at the time of booking. The cost of plane tickets to Santiago comprises of base fare, fuel surcharges, our service, and taxes applied by the airlines or the airports.

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Types of Santiago Flight Bookings Available

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Santiago Airports

Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport (IATA: SCL), situated in the western commune of Pudahuel, is Santiago’s national and international airport and the principal hub of LATAM Airlines, Sky Airline, Aerocardal, and JetSmart. It is just 10-15 minute drive from the city center.

Top Cities and the Airlines Connecting Them with Santiago Airports

Rank City Carriers
1 Orlando, Mexico City, Miami LATAM Chile
2 La Serena, Lima, Mendoza, Montevideo, Osorno, Puerto Montt Sky Airline
3 Houston-Intercontinental United Airlines
4 Caracas, Lima, Mendoza, Port-au-Prince, Punta Cana Latin American Wings
5 Sydney Qantas

Best times to Visit Santiago

Santiago, the capital of Chile, has a rocking night life. January is the hottest of all months and temperature is at 21°C (69°F), and it is a busy time for travelers. From January to February the prices shoot up for accommodation. In June, the coldest month, the temperature floats around 21°C (69°F). July receives more rain than any other month. It gets an average rainfall of 80mm.its windiest time is January, December and November and those looking for air tickets to Santiago must visit during these months and avoid overpaying. If you are looking for Santiago flight deals, we would suggest you visit it during grape harvest festivals. Cheapest plane tickets to Santiago can be had in May-Sept as it is winter season. Make your plans accordingly and check for the best hotel deals before going for Santiago flight deals.

Top Things to do in Santiago for Families/Kids

  • Sightseeing

    Do check out the locations that fall in the midst of Andes and Pacific Ocean while booking plane tickets to Santiago. Santiago is all about hills and mountains. Also take a look at the various natural reservoir and ponds before you book plane tickets to Santiago. These can be enjoyed by families and kids.

  • Museum

    Santiago Museum of Contemporary Art, San Francisco Church, and Red House (Casa Colorado) are to name a few while making a selection of best art work across Santiago. These are must-see things, so give it a thought while going in for Santiago flight deals.

  • Hot Picnic Spots

    Bicentenario Park, Quinta Normal Park, Parque Araucano, Parque O’Higgins, Parque Forestal are some of the most beautiful parks. You can spend time in the laps of nature with family. This is one of the beautiful places for family gathering. One-way flights to Santiago might come at $97 for an adult. Those looking for a round-trip flight to Santiago can bag it approximately by shelling out $208.

  • Amusement Parks

    Pico Mundo, Aquitania Park are to name a few when it comes to talking about amusement parks. Our website will help you to be at these places, and it will also give you best of the deals for one-way flights to Santiago, direct flights to Santiago and non-stop flights to Santiago. At these place places, you can have parking facilities with food. Games and various other outdoor activities are available here. You can check out for them and make you visit special.

Top Things to go in Santiago for Couples

Some of the most incredible and awesome sights of Santiago are Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa, HI-San Diego, Point Loma Hostel and Pearl Hotel.

  • Romantic Sightseeing

    Camp David,Sabres, Marisco Caribeno are some the most romantic spots. You can check them out and make your booking after checking out the best prices for them. Do book cheap flights to Santiago along with these bookings to save money and time.

  • Exotic Dinner

    You can have exotic dinner in Santiago. Villas in Gurabo caters to your needs. You can have best of the services at this place. Make your booking for the place while planning for Santiago flight deals. All you need to do is to check our website.

  • Beaches

    Bavaro Beach, Macao Beach, Isla Saona and are the destinations you can go for if you are looking for best of the beaches in the country. They are beautiful and exotic when it comes to visiting with your partner. You must go to these places and make your time worth spending. All this can be done without much of spending via our website which helps you in getting cheap airline tickets to Santiago. Before you make your bookings for tickets, you must compare the prices of the hotels stay.

  • Spa

    Some of the best-known spa centers across Santiago are Betsy Spa, Dio Spa Esthetic Center, Beia, etc.These are major attractors for the tourists. To take you to the destination our website will help you get the best of the direct flights to Santiago or non-stop flights to Santiago.

    We have covered some vital information, yet it’s hard to depict the host of historical, fun and entertainment options that are available in Santiago for travel enthusiasts. Got interested? Discover the best Santiago flight deals with us.