About​ ​Cheapflightsfreak

Cheapflightsfreak is an online flight booking services provider headquartered in Ohio, US. The company serves as an intermediary between world-class airlines and travellers interested in booking cheap flights to domestic and international destinations.

Focused on delivering excellence in services to its customers, the company invests in the latest web and mobile technologies and makes sure that people have access to the right travel information and services as and when required. Recognizing that high-quality services are facilitated by a healthy workplace, the company endeavors to hire and retain the best talent by providing them with a work environment that is encouraging, flexible, and supportive.

At Cheapflightsfreak, our people have the passion for delivering the best customer experience. Whether it’s finding the right flight deal, booking a flight ticket, finding status of the flights, or seeking cancellation or refund, we make sure that prospects or customers have an effortless experience.

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How We Make This Happen

Committed to offer the best customer experience, we consistently evolve our business process, practices and technology solutions and keep our employees highly engaged and motivated. Here is the secret behind our success.

a. We Nurture a Learning Attitude

Cheapflightsfreak sets new goals and benchmarks for everything from customer acquisition and satisfaction to employee satisfaction and retention. We believe that by doing so, we are doing no extraordinary job because customers give us a reason to be in the market, and the employees make us survive and thrive in the market braving all the competition.

B. We Do Business Ethically

At Cheapflightsfreak, we focus on enhancing the level of trust that exists between customers and our people. We also care about the interests of our partners, community and the environment. We maintain a competitive advantage, but without sacrificing the interests of our each and every stakeholder. We treat everyone with decency and fairness.

C. We Go the Extra Mile

The Can-Do approach of our people has helped us steer the market competition delighting customers at every touch point. Interestingly, doing that consistently over the years, we have cemented our position in the market by creating repeat and referral customers.

Our Values

Delivering specialized yet customized travel solutions to our passengers is our mission. Our processes, commitments, relationships and decisions are guided by the following 4 Core Values.


We embrace responsibility towards our customers, employees, clients, family and business partners.


For us, success is a reminder to be grateful for all the opportunities that come our way. We thank everyone who are part of this journey


We endeavor to be up-front and real with our customers, co-workers and ourselves.


Inspired from the experiences, we work hard to be better today than we were yesterday.

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